What do you think?

So I was thinking aloud one day after noticing a car with a Silver Sands front license plate on it and wondering where it came from. My understanding is that was something that was done many years ago. What do you think? If there is interest, we could order some custom shirts, licence plates, coffee mugs, etc. with the Silver Sands logo. The price is lower the more that are ordered. Below are some examples. Any interest? We can get more details there if there is enough interest.

5 thoughts on “What do you think?”

  1. shirts with the logo were presented 2 years ago with very little offering assistance and reception hopefully the atmosphere has changed with greater acceptance. The license plates were a popular item.

  2. Sounds good. Maybe it’s because I’m from NJ where litigation is a parlor game, but I’m wondering about using the logo. Should this go through the master board? Did it go through board the last time?

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